KhetzaL Forest
  December 2015  
  The music label Global Sect Music is glad to present an experimental project based on a fantasy action-poem "The Mystery of Crystal Worlds".

Together, with brave wizard Ivan, you will go into an unforgettable adventure, full of magic and dangerous, to get the freedom and find mysterious Green Emerald.

Part I / The Crystal Words

01. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds
02. Sirius - Intergalactic
03. Filteria - Nyad of the Infinite Sea
04. Celestial Intelligence - Infinity
05. Artifact303 - Life Support System
06. Skarma - Animoneae
07. Centavra Project - Capsula
08. Imba & Somnesia - Astral Travellers
09. Zirrex - Born Of Osiris

Part II / Endless Glade

01. Psy-H Project - Dark Matter
02. Kurandini - Brahamantra
03. Liquid Flow - Radiation
04. Artifact303 - Future Power
05. Morphic Resonance - Moonwalker
06. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer
07. Artifact303 - Black Light
08. Katedra - Radiointerference
09. Alienapia vs. Khetzal - Endless Glade

Part III / Greenish Emerland

01. Celestial Intelligence - Minding of the Universe
02. Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe
03. Merr0w - Burning Universe
04. Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra - Stargate
05. Centavra Project - Galactic System
06. Mindsphere - Divine Intervention
07. Artifact303 - Tropical Sunset (Trance Dance rmx)
08. Psy-H Project - Brahma Samhita
09. Artifact303 - Family Of Light

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  December 2015  
  DJ Zen presents : 'Fall' (the new Altar Records compilation).

They say there’s a song for every season, and a season for every song. And our musical choices, while influenced by the weather, also become the soundtrack and help define how we live each moment. With that in mind, Altar Records label chief DJ Zen has been tuning into the elements of each season and crafting a special release of Psychill for each one. Following the success of 'Spring' and ‘Summer’, he’s ready to present a celebration of the Autumn season with the release of ‘Fall’.

Autumn is an amazing time of year, full of transitions, and this release is the perfect soundtrack for tuning into your inner bliss. Enjoy !

Digital Tracklist :

01. Cabeiri - Agronauts
02. Tentura - Cold Drop
03. Alwoods - Love Spell
04. E-Mantra - Mesopelagic
05. Mindphoria - Fall
06. Azriel - Stay in Meditation
07. Elea & Bahramji - Dancing Blossoms (Sidereal Remix)
08. KhetzaL - Farewell, Beloved Sunshine
09. Astral Waves & Astropilot - Inflation Eternelle (Astropilot Version)
10. Asura - Deva Delay
11. Astropilot - Sweet Mirage
12. Terra Nine - The Heart Of The Matter
13. Innerself - Rise Of The Earth Keepers

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  February 2015  
  Here is a nice ambient track featuring some of my violin sounds on Itzamnia's Soundcloud

'Itzamnia - The Year 10191 (Acoustic Violin By KhetzaL)'
  December 2014  
  The 'Quetzal 2002 Promo CD-R' reissue is still available on request, everything home-made, mix, mastering, cover artwork and packaging. For addicted collectors ! Just send me a mail for more information about price, shipping fees and payment methods (PayPal transfers are very welcome). Check out the Tracks section for a preview. Happy listening !  
  May 2013  
  Yes ! The new Suntrip Records CD : VA - Blacklight Moments is now released ! Acidic night music, mighty euphoric goa trance and floating morning stormers ! That is what you can expect !

01. Daimon - Wake Up And Smell The Ashes
02. K.O.B. (aka Filteria) - Those Talking Machines
03. Psychic Voyag - Black Sun
04. Cosmic Dimension - Viral Breath
05. KhetzaL - Aramean Dreams
06. Javi & SkoOma - Emotional Overload
07. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Remix)
08. Skarma - Naltayada
09. Mindsphere - Depth Of Consciousness
10. Uth - Cosmic Fusion

As you can see, Blacklight Moments is not just another ordinary compilation. This is the return of KhetzaL, the confirmation of artists such as K.O.B. (aka Filteria), E-Mantra, Mindsphere, Daimon and of course, the discovery of new talents such as Cosmic Dimension, Javi & Sko0ma, Psychic Voyag, Skarma and Uth !

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  April 2013  
  Latest unreleased demo available on my Soundcloud

'KhetzaL - Grey Kitty'n The Box'
  October 2005  

KhetzaL first album Corolle was released in october 2005 by Suntrip Records

Complete track-listing and previews in my
Tracks section.

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