KhetzaL music is deeply influenced by his musical
studies, violin and rudiments of music, that gave him the skills
for adding melodic phrases and arpeggios in every track he produces.
During the nineties, he discovered electronic music and then ambient
and goa trance. He was strongly attracted and inspired by those
music styles and began to explore them by himself since 1998.

Every track is built like a story-telling and tells an imaginary trip
in countries where one can meet traditional instruments with deep and
enchanting resonances, along with a lot of sound appearances
of Nature and a lot of positive melodic synth layers.

KhetzaL has released ambient and trance tracks on
Agitato Recs, Ultimae Recs, Suntrip Recs and more...
His first album
Corolle was released by Suntrip Recs in october 2005.
The second album
Etamines was released by Suntrip Recs in march 2021.
A third album is on its way, all tracks are finished since start 2024...

KhetzaL has started playing goa-trance live set in Europe since 2005,
ambient live set including violin and vocal performances since 2009.
For booking information, please send a mail to :

Since 2007, KhetzaL has spread some parts of his musical
inspiration in other musical projects from very different styles, and this
weird meltdown of styles gave him something new during his live-acts,
once very computer-controlled, now with some acoustic instruments,
most of the time his violin, and keyboard playing in real time.

Yamaha O1v
Dynaudio BM6a

RME-Audio BabyFace
MAM RS-3 Resonator
Sennheiser HD25-II
Doepfer Pocket Fader
Clavia Nord Modular
Oberheim TVS1-A
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline
SCI Pro-One
Roland SH-101
Roland JV-1080
Acoustic & electric violins Guitar effects (Boss / Eventide)
And a lot of acoustic instruments from around the world...
Many Interfaces, pedals and cables ;-) Cubase 5 + VST plugins
Fostex VM88
Doepfer Pocket Fader
RME-Audio BabyFace
Cubase 5 + VST plugins
Clavia Nord Modular Stagg Electric Violin